Directed by Imran Khalid
Produced by Salim Khan, Manisha
Starring Mithun Chakraborty
Music by Kush-Luv
Release dates 1 December 2000
Running time 120 min.
Language Hindi
Budget Rs 4.0 Crores

Billa No. 786 is a typical Bollywood film
made in 2000. A revenge drama, as usual,
tailor made for Mithun in the lead role.

Billa No 786 is the story of Shankar who had
promised his dying mother that he would
marry her friends daughter Pinky and thus
fulfill her dream. After his mother's death
along with sister (Kavita) and his dear
monkey he went to look for his mother's
sister to Rampur. there he meets Siddhu
(Sidharth Dhavan). Siddhu takes Shankar to
Flora Aunty's (Zubeida) locality to live there,
with the help of the local people he gets a
job of a coolie and with his good fortune he
gets the Billa No. 786.One day he meets the
rich girl Pinky (Rutika) who hates the poor.
Dhankeshwar (Mohan Joshi), the owner of
the basti , hates Shankar and tries different
tricks to trap Shankar and to empty the
locality. One day Dhankeshwar succeeds and
Shankar is trapped. Does Dhankeshwar
succeeds in vacating the locality and building
a 5-star hotel? Does Shankar succeed in
breaking Rutik's pride and fulfill his mother's

Mithun Chakraborty is a coolie at a bus
stop. He fights for the down-trodden and
stands up against evil forces. Mohan Joshi
has set his eyes on the slum where the
coolies live. Mithun fights the villains and
the rest is history.

Mithun Chakraborty ... Shankar
Gajendra Chouhan ... Virendra Singh
(Pinky's dad)
Siddharth Dhawan ... Sidhu
Mohan Joshi ... Pyaremohan Dankeshwar
Kavita ... Lajjo
Kader Khan
Anil Nagrath ... Roopchand
Harish Patel
Shiva Rindani ... Kaalu Tagda (as Shiva)
Tej Sapru ... Kaalu Ragda
Rutika Singh ... Pinky Singh
Sudhir ... Balwant Rai

No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "Main hoon
Raju coolie"


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